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Little Dino Baby Boy Nursery Theme

Below we’ve curated a little dino baby boy nursery theme for your reference. We’ve included links to coordinating nursery lighting ideas, bedding, furniture pieces, and additional accessories.

 Modern Dinosaur 11pc Bedding Set by Sweet Jojo Designs

These multi-piece bedding sets serve as an all-in-one nursery theme. With this bedding set in particular, you’ll receive one crib blanket, three wall hangings (bottom center), one standard fitted sheet, one crib skirt, two window valances (top center), one diaper stacker (left), one toy bag (right) and one gray chevron throw pillow. 

Baby Boy Nursery Themes - Modern Dino

Some of the accessories included in the 11pc Modern Dino Bedding Set.


Modern Dino Laundry Hamper

Laundry hampers are arguably one of the most important storage essentials for baby’s nursery. Though smaller in size than traditional hampers, it’s an essential space to collect soiled articles between numerous changings, day to day.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

As featured on our page for nursery lighting ideas, this is a great lamp for all of our homeopathic mommies out there! It’s warm amber glow and dimming properties makes it great for baby’s nursery while also promoting wellness in one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home.

Yashiya Modern Upholstered Rocking Chair by Baxton Studio

We love this modern take on a retro essential. Rockers and ottomans are wonderful additions to any baby nursery. They make late night feedings comfortable and soothing for both parent and baby. These versatile furniture pieces can be repurposed in any room in your home, making them a lasting investment. Both the rocker and the matching upholstered ottoman are available in Light Beige and Grey.To see additional chairs for baby nursery please take a moment to visit our

For additional glider/rocker options, please take a moment to visit our overview of chairs for baby nursery.

Blackout Curtains by Utopia Bedding

Another nursery essential that is often overlooked when planning for baby is blackout curtains.

Imagine the inside of mother’s womb; it’s dark and there is constant noise from the outside world. That’s why sound machines and curtains are important for creating and maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule. From newborn to approximately six months, babies are sleeping anywhere from 14 to 17 hours a day. Creating a dark, cool space for baby to nap is beneficial to their growth and development.

Dinosaur Wubbanub

Though this isn’t necessarily classified as nursery decor, Wubbanubs are literally our favorite pacifier on the market. One of the top frustrations of new moms is how frequently pacifiers go missing! Attached to the end of each pacifier is an adorable little plush which acts as a weight to prevent the paci from falling out of baby’s mouth and getting dirty. These things are genius in design. Plus, we’ve never met a mom who didn’t love her Wubbanub!

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