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Nursery Lighting Ideas

You might not expect lightning to play a role in designing your nursery, but baby nursery lighting is an important consideration for mom during those late night feedings and for providing comfort for the baby.

Nursery Lighting Ideas - Nojo SeperatesWhether you want a traditional lamp and shade that aligns with your nursery theme or a unique lamp for ambiance, there are so many nursery lighting ideas to choose from! There are even nursery night lights that can be controlled from your smart phone and adjustable multi-color light projectors for chromotherapy!

To help you find just the right lighting for your baby’s room we’ve compared some of our favorite nursery lighting ideas in the following chart. We also offer a more in-depth look at our top three nursery lighting fixtures below.

A More In-Depth Look at Nursery Lighting Ideas

Hopefully the comparison chart above is helpful in getting a sense of which products may be best for your home. Now we’ll examine a few of the highest rated products from the table above in more detail.

The Twilight Turtle by Cloud B

Nursery Lighting Ideas - Cloud B Twilight TurtleRemember the days of scattering glow in the dark stars on the ceiling with putty?  Now there’s the Twilight Turtle! This is one of the most sought after baby registry items. Not only is it wildly adorable, but the turtle’s shell turns your baby’s room into a twilight galaxy.

The Twilight Turtle is battery operated and offers three color settings; amber, blue, and green. The dim light automatically shuts off after 45 minutes, prolonging battery life and ensuring baby has enough time to drift asleep. Our favorite feature of all? The Twilight Turtle incorporates REAL constellations (eight to be exact!) in the star projections, making this an awesome educational toy. Because he’s a nightlight and a plush toy in one, he’s portable which means he travels when baby travels.

There’s a reason this guy is rated 4.5 and has over 3,000 customer reviews.

This nightlight companion is also available as a bumble bee, bunny rabbit, and baby hippo.

Rakaposhi Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp by Lake Industries

Nursery Lighting Ideas - Himalayan Salt Rock LampThis is a great lamp for all of our homeopathic mommies out there! It’s warm glow and dimming properties makes it great for baby’s nursery while also promoting wellness in one of the most highly trafficked rooms in your home.

Some benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp:

  • Cleans and deodorizes the air in the room by removing dust, pollen, and other contaminants
  • Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms from dust, pet dander, mold, and mildew
  • Increase energy levels and promotes better sleep regimens

We can’t think of a better addition to center your nursery around health, rest, and wellness for you and your new baby.

Rest by Hatch baby

Nursery Lighting Ideas - Rest by Hatch BabyThis beautiful night light / sound machine was recently released by startup Hatch Baby, made by parents for parents raising children in the modern age.  

From the convenience of your smartphone, parents can control color, brightness, sound, and volume. The full customization uses technology to foster and sustain a regular sleeping schedule, which is crucial for baby’s growth and development.

This all-in-one sleeping aide is a great solution for soothing baby and providing gentle light during those late-night feedings. It’s ability to grow as baby grows means providing comfort at every stage of your child’s life.