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Designing Your Ideal Baby Nursery In 2024

Surely, your nesting instinct is kicking in and you’re in the beginning stages of designing your dream baby nursery. Between feedings, bath time, changing, playtime, and naps, a lot of time is spent in this multifunctional room. That’s why it is important to make your baby nursery a safe and cozy space for both you and the baby to enjoy.

Bentley by Delta Baby Nursery Furniture Set

The Bentley Collection by Delta is one of the top-rated baby nursery furniture sets we review.

Admittedly, the task of designing a nursery can be daunting. As remains true with all baby products, there are so many nursery categories to sort through, like type and style of the crib, picking coordinating furniture pieces, and choosing an overall nursery theme. There are additional odds and ends that piece the nursery together, such as two-way baby monitors, baby storage solutions, and nursery lighting ideas.

On this website, you will find the best baby nursery furniture guides, products, ideas, and reviews to help you make baby bed time the best experience possible in your home. Having the right items for your baby are key to creating a regular sleeping schedule and an overall positive bedtime experience.

Below, our staff has picked their favorite products from each of the core categories and a brief explanation of what you will find in each nursery guide throughout this site.

An In-Depth Look at Nursery Categories

Hopefully, the comparison chart above is helpful in getting a sense of what kind of products we’ll be reviewing on this website. We’re excited to talk about everything baby nursery and share our knowledge of each category with parents to be. Below is a summary of each of our featured baby nursery furniture categories and links to the guides we’ve created for each.

TBest Baby Crib Sets - DaVinci Jaydenhe crib is undoubtedly the most important investment when it comes to nursery furniture. Even if you plan to use a temporary sleeping solution for the first few weeks of baby’s life, transitioning to a baby crib is an inevitable step as your baby grows.

In this section, we outline the three important factors in choosing the right baby crib set while explaining the difference in styles you may see during the selection process.

For more details about what to look for when selecting your crib, read our guide for finding the perfect baby crib set here.

Best Baby Changing Tables - Graco LaurenAs a new parent, it’s no secret you’ll be changing a ton of dirty diapers in the first few months of baby’s life. That’s why it’s super important to have a surface or dedicated space solely for this task.

Baby changing tables are sturdy in construction and offer ample storage space for all of your diaper and changing necessities.

For more comparisons about the best baby changing tables available and the features to look for, be sure to visit our guide for additional information.

Baby Changing Table Dresser - Southshore AngelIf a changing table doesn’t quite fit your storage needs or if it is too short-term of a solution, another option is investing in a baby changing table dresser.

These combo units offer three or more drawers for ample storage and can be used as a changing surface with a removable changing table kit. Once your baby outgrows the weight restrictions of the changing table topper, you have a beautiful set of functioning drawers to use through all stages of baby’s rapid growth!

In the guide, we’ve also included a list of highly recommended accessories to help make changing baby as seamless and mess-free as possible!

You can find more information about the options available in the category of baby changing table dresser here.

Best Chairs For Baby Nursery - Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Glider ReclinerAs much as the baby nursery is designed with baby’s safety and comfort in mind, mom and dad’s comfort is equally important! That’s why we encourage you to consider adding a glider, ottoman, or swivel chair to your nursery. We compare different top-rated nursery chairs in this guide.

With so much time spent feeding and burping baby, especially late at night, it’s wonderful to have a place to rest your tired body. Gliders and ottomans are designed to coordinate in both style and motion, but there are other chairs offering a wider range of movements and rotations. Added bonus: these chairs can be repurposed in any room once the baby is grown making them an awesome investment!

You can find a comparison chart and in-depth reviews of the best nursery chairs in this guide.

Nursery Lighting Ideas - Nojo SeperatesImagine this scenario: In the middle of the night, you hear the baby crying through your two-way monitor. You know it’s another late-night feeding session, but you don’t want to wake everyone in the house by turning on the lights.

This is where nursery lighting is a huge savior. By providing a soft, dim light, it’s easier to soothe your hungry, crying baby and put them to bed quicker. From traditional lamps and shades to interactive nightlights, there are so many fun and unique nursery lighting ideas available.

You can find more information on our three favorite products in our comparison guide for nursery lighting ideas.